Update included in 02/18/2017 release


  • [UEC-539] - Move "UNI only registration" option
  • [UEC-542] - Redesign Bedework Admin Portal
  • [UEC-554] - Hide attendee numbers from public/registrants


  • [UEC-552] - Correct spelling to "Canceled" in cancellation email
  • [UEC-555] - Encode the blank value in name parameters for email to unregistered users for ecom event
  • [UEC-556] - Event edit link in the approval queue page
  • [UEC-571] - Discount codes do not work in Guest Registration

New Feature

  • [UEC-124] - Registration Custom Fields - Copy Form Field Collections


  • [UEC-545] - Create process to allow one user to register on behalf of another for a specific event
  • [UEC-564] - Enable HTML Source for WYSIWYG editor for email templates